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On-Demand Recruitment with Hager On-Demand

Hiring in today’s economy can be a tricky process and flexibility is key. We’ve created Hager On-Demand Recruitment to provide clients with maximum flexibility with regard to their executive talent searches. This is not your typical Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution where an entry level recruiter will supplement your team by screening resumes and monitoring job postings. Hager’s experienced executive recruitment team will be with you every step of the way providing you the services you need to fit your budget and find that pivotal talent for your team.

Start by telling us about your recruitment project. There are many aspects to an executive search that can be helpful to your hiring process. Select the parts of the process you need for your recruitment efforts and we will provide a complimentary proposal for your project.

Where Do You Need Help?

If what you need is not on the list, just ask. We can probably do that too.

  • Writing job descriptions?
  • Getting your hiring managers on the same page?
  • Developing your recruitment strategy?
  • Understanding who you need to hire / creating an ideal talent profile?
  • Sourcing talent?
  • Designing your outbound passive candidate marketing campaign to get the best results?
  • Researching your company’s competitive position?
  • Insight on interviewing, the best way to interview to ensure success? Insight on your hiring process, why it is working/not working?
  • Interviewing and vetting candidates?
  • Assembling your short list?
  • Conducting final interviews with your short list?
  • Reference Checking?
  • Competitive salary insight?
  • Offer negotiation?
  • Presentation materials for your executive team / board of directors?
  • Competitive insight on your employer brand?
Cost-Effective Strategic Solution
Hager On-Demand saves our client organizations time, money and a great deal of frustration. Whether Hager On-Demand is utilized to assist the in-house recruitment team for a large organization or by the members of a boot strapped start up, we empower our clients with superior results.

Hager On-Demand represents an excellent option for:

  • Companies that want to supplement internal recruitment team efforts
  • Companies that have found job postings do not provide the type and level of talent they require
  • Companies that are not getting the type and level of talent they require from their contingent recruiters
  • Smaller companies that need the targeted focus of an executive search consultant but need a more cost effective solution than a retained search
  • Companies seeking to augment their current candidate slate because one or more finalists have withdrawn, fallen out, or have turned down a potential offer
  • Companies without an internal recruitment team or that do not have enough executive level searches to justify the creation of an in-house executive search group