Hiring Boom Predicted for the 2nd Half of 2017

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The latest job numbers show the economy added an additional 220,000 jobs in June bringing the unemployment rate to 4.4%. Great news for the economy and an indicator for hiring for the second  half of 2017. The unemployment rate fell to a 16 year low, marking the 78th straight month of job growth. “Most employers […]

Corporate Culture | 3 Questions a CEO Should Ask

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Great corporate culture can make the difference between a good company and a great company. The people factor is just as vital to the success of an organization as the technology/product and the funding/financials. Here are three questions a CEO should ask regarding the effectiveness of their corporate culture: Does your corporate culture have a […]

Company Culture | How to avoid Cookie-cutter Hiring

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Culture fit has been put into question as it is perceived to some as a way to hire the same type of people to an organization and in so doing is reducing the diversity as opposed to increasing an organization’s overall effectiveness. In defining your company culture you should look at how diverse ideas, thoughts, […]

5 Reasons Why Executive Searches Fail

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With the recent announcement that the unemployment rate has dropped below 5%, the task of finding top executive talent has gotten that much harder.  We’re in the midst of a talent market which means that A-level executives will need a compelling reason to move from their current role to a position with your company.  And […]

Tips for Hiring at Full Employment

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Full employment is defined by unemployment at less than 5%. Hiring at full employment takes different skills than hiring in other employment markets. I have included some pointers here on how to hire during full employment. In order to attract “A” candidates, you need to be an “A” company. If you are an “A” company […]

Tips for Partnering with an Executive Search Headhunter

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We hear from clients and candidates that are unhappy with their past experiences in working with executive search headhunters. Typically, the unhappiness is because the expectations of the experience itself were not clearly defined. To help to better define expectations, thought it worth writing about some basic areas of breakdown that can occur both on […]

Recruitment Impacted by 4 Workplace Trends in 2017

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The year of 2016 was a great year for hiring with an increase in median pay of 3.1% over 2015, the fastest pace in 3 years. There are also a record number of unfilled jobs 5.85 million in April of 2016. Given these statistics, 2017 is a great time to maximize recruitment efforts. Workplace trends […]

Interview Guide for Executive Hiring Managers

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We have received input from executive level candidates on their candidate experience and thought it worth sharing so you can ace your executive candidate interviews. Whether or not you are interested in the executive candidate for the role, the candidate should walk away from your interview/company with the best of impressions, wanting them to want […]

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Executive Talent for your Startup

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It’s a curious thing, executive hiring. It would seem that every person who starts a business assumes that because they are strong in their field of expertise, they automatically know how to grow a team and mentor them to success. Truth told it’s never been that easy and with the current talent market it’s become even […]